• Backflap Hinges

    Backflap Hinges (1)

    Backflap Hinges
  • Bullet Hinge Spares

    Bullet Hinge Spares (6)

    Bullet Hinge Spares We stock a wide range of washers and grease functions, great for use in the automotive, motorcycle, truck, livestock and commercial industries. These components offer long life to replace worn parts and are compatible with our range of bullet hinges.
  • Bullet Hinges

    Bullet Hinges (4)

    Bullet Hinges
  • D Handles

    D Handles (3)

    D Handles & Push Plates Our D Handles are easy-to-fit and durable. They are made from premium quality Grade 304 Stainless Steel, with brass inserts, which means they won't rust. The D Handles are perfect for commercial uses, as well as grab handles for showers and wet rooms. We also supply optional door plates which are great for busy environments…
  • Door Hinges

    Door Hinges (6)

    Door Hinges Complete your door with our range of high-quality door hinges. We stock a wide variety of products to suit both commercial and residential purposes including butt hinges, curly tail casement stays, truclose decorative hinges and Tudor tee hinges. Perfect for gates, sheds and external or internal doors, we guarantee you'll find our hinges durable and robust.
  • Door Latches

    Door Latches (2)

    Door Latches & Drop Bolts We provide CE marked, CERTIFIRE approved Door Latches which help prevent the spread of a fire by ensuring the door remains closed. They are available in a variety of finishes, including Nickel Plated, Satin Chrome and Electro Brassed. Our Garage Door Drop Bolts are made from heavy-duty material. They are ideal for residential and commercial…
  • Door Locks

    Door Locks (12)

    Door Locks Whether you are looking for extra privacy for around the home or enhanced security to prevent theft and break-ins, we stock a broad range of door locks; including deadlocks, bathroom door locks, sashlocks and rim cylinders that can be used for both internal or external doors. Put your mind at ease by investing in Latham's Hardware; our products…
  • Door Viewers

    Door Viewers (2)

    Door Viewers
  • Escutcheons

    Escutcheons (4)

    Door Escutcheons & Plates Our door escutcheons add a contemporary design to your interior as well as protecting your lock from any external damage. Available in a range of colours including polished chrome, polished brass, brushed stainless steel and brushed brass.
  • Fixings & Fasteners

    Fixings & Fasteners (9)

    Fixings & Fastners
  • Gate Hinges

    Gate Hinges (12)

    Gate Hinges & Gate Eyes Keep your residential or commercial property safe with one of our extensive range of gate hinges and gate eyes. We stock straight hinges, adjustable gate hinges, decorative hinges, heavy-duty hinges & tee hinges, providing a solution to all requirements. They are perfect for domestic and commercial gates, shed doors or general outdoor furniture, enhancing security…
  • Gate Locks & Latches

    Gate Locks & Latches (24)

    Gate Locks & Latches A Gate Latch is perfect for enhancing security for gardens, garage doors, and sheds. They help deter thieves away from residential or commercial properties. We provide a wide range of locks and latches in different styles and finishes. Our gate latches are all made from premium quality materials, including a zinc-plated and galvanised finish which adds…
  • Lever Handles

    Lever Handles (17)

    Lever Handles Lever Handles are a great way to transform your doors. We supply a wide range of handles that can be used for both internal and external doors, perfect for giving your entire home or office building a complete makeover. Our stylish range includes both modern or traditional looks, including contemporary Stainless Steel or classic Antique designs.
  • Pin and Hole Hinges

    Pin and Hole Hinges (5)

    Pin and Hole Hinges
  • Tapes and Ties

    Tapes and Ties (5)

    Tapes and Ties
  • Weld On Hinges

    Weld On Hinges (15)

    Weld On Hinges Weld on Hinges are a secure, durable and versatile choice of hinge. Our range includes bullet, heavy-duty, straight, double-pressed and butt hinges. They are ideal for steel doors, gates, metal cabinets, containers, boats, trailers and a range of other purposes. Our weldable hinges are made from premium quality steel and we also stock Grade 304 Stainless Steel…
  • Euro Cylinders

    Euro Cylinders (4)

    Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Locks Euro cylinder locks, also known as barrel locks, are one of the most common lock profiles in Europe and can be used on steel, timber and UPVC doors. Our Euro locks are all equipped with anti-bump, anti-drill and anti snap technology ensuring superior security at a great price. We offer both a full and half…
  • Door Signage

    Door Signage (1)

    Door Signage We provide a variety of Door Signs including "Push", "Pull", "Fire Door Keep Shut", "Women's", "Men's", "Baby Change" and "Disabled". Our Door Signs have been specially embossed before colouring, giving it an appealing finish. They are easy to apply, durable and made with premium quality Grade 304 Stainless Steel providing resistant to corrosion.
  • Door Stops & Holders

    Door Stops & Holders (5)

    Door Stops & Holders We stock a variety of door stops in different sizes and finishes including kick down door holders and magnetic door holders. They are perfect for both residential and commercial doors where they are useful in preventing unwanted marks walls and holding doors open in high traffic areas. Our range of door stoppers are easy to install…