Four 304 Stainless Steel Washers
Four 304 Stainless Steel Washers
304 washer 20x13x2.5
304 washer 16x10x2.5
304 washer 13x8x2
304 washer 10x6x2

304 Stainless Steel Washers

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Grade 304 stainless steel flat washers assist in distributing the load over a larger surface area, minimising friction damage over time. These washers are simple to install and are an important component for maintaining a smooth operation. Ideal for external use, they are versatile and anti-corrosive making them a long-term solution.

Also compatible with our Stainless Steel and Aluminium weld on bullet hinges.

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Aluminium Bullet Hinge, Stainless Steel Bullet Hinge

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