4″ x 3″ Satin Stainless Steel Butt Hinge

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Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Hinges GRADE 13

*It is advised to comply with BS EN 1935:2002 it is recommended that when this ball bearing hinge is fitted to a fire door, it should be bedded on a 2mm intumescent pad.

Product details:

  • You must purchase a quantity of two for one pair of Hinges as they are not sold in pairs
  • CE marked Grade 13 ball bearing hinge
  • There is a combined mass of up to 120kg
  • Suitable for both FD30 & FD60 fire doors
  • 102mm ball bearing hinges comply against the BS EN 1935:2002
  • Manufactured from 3mm thick steel and measures 4″(102mm) long by 3″(76mm) wide when fully open
  • Suitable for internal and external doors

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Full Product Classification: 4 | 7 | 6 | 1* | 1 | 4 | 0 | 13
Digit 1: Category of use
4 = Grade 4 (heaviest duty)
Digit 2: Durability
7 = Grade 7 (200,000 test cycles)
Digit 3: Test door mass
6 = 120kg
Digit 4: Suitability for fire/smoke door use
1* = suitable for fire/smoke resistant door assemblies subject to satisfactory assessment of the contribution of the single-axis hinge to the fire resistance of the specified fire/smoke door assemblies. Such assessment is beyond the scope of this European standard (see EN 1634-1).
Digit 5: Safety
1 = Single-axis hinges are required to satisfy the essential requirements of safety in use. Therefore, only grade 1 is identified.
Digit 6: Corrosion resistance
4 = Grade 4 (highest resistance)
Digit 7: Security
0 = No hinge pin
Digit 8: Hinge Grade
13 = Usage: Door | Test Cycles: 200,000 | Door mass: 120kg

See CAD drawing (image 2 of gallery)
102mm x 76mm x 3mm (4” x 3”)

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